How Do You Check The Strength and Hardness of Acrylic Display Stand?

June 07, 2022

The surface hardness and toughness of acrylic display stands are two important indicators of strength. Hardness refers to the hardness of an object. Diamond is the hardest of natural substances, can be used to cut hard glass; toughness refers to the ability to restore the object to its original state after deformation. Although diamond is hard, but the toughness is low, easy to break. Acrylic displays are low in hardness, but good in toughness. When heated, its bending ability is stronger than glass, but the surface is not as hard as toughened glass.

What is the relationship between the hardness and toughness of the acrylic display stand and its quality? The higher the surface hardness of the acrylic display stand, the higher the scratch resistance; the better the toughness, the less likely to break. If some poor quality acrylic display shelves with repeated use of recycled materials processing, aging yellowing, the toughness of the product is very poor, a little effort will break, can not withstand the fall. Hardness is one of the hard indicators to evaluate the quality of acrylic display shelves. Compared with the acrylic display produced by the extrusion method, the hardness index of the acrylic display produced by the casting method is higher, reaching an average of 90 degrees Rockwell hardness.

Apart from using a professional Rockwell hardness tester, is there a simpler, more intuitive and more lifelike way of testing the surface hardness? In fact, many factories do not use a professional hardness tester to accurately test the surface hardness of acrylic display stands, but use a relatively simple comparison method: use a pencil to draw a horizontal line on the surface of the acrylic display stand with a force of about 1KG, wipe it clean with an eraser and see if there are obvious traces on the surface. The surface hardness of the acrylic display can be distinguished according to the label of the pencil. Acrylic display surface hardness is generally divided from low to high 2B, 1B, HB, H, 2H, 3H, the surface hardness of 3H acrylic display can be achieved.

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