Acrylic Display Shelves In The Use Of The Problem Can Not Be Ignored

February 16, 2022

Acrylic display rack cleaning methods.

1. acrylic display shelf surface traces and oil, can use a cloth or cotton drops on a little white wine, gently wipe, it will be bright and clean;.

2. scrubbing acrylic display shelves with residual tea, good decontamination effect.

3. put some indigo in the water, will increase the lustre of the acrylic display rack.

4. gold-plated acrylic display shelf if there is dirt, available towel dipped in beer or white wine wipe, can remove dirt;.

5. acrylic display surface if stained with paint or dust, vinegar is easy to wipe clean.

6. Use onion cards to wipe the acrylic display rack, not only to remove dirt, and particularly bright.

7. with a soft cloth or soft paper, soaked in water with alcohol or white wine after the acrylic products first wipe again and then wipe again with a clean cloth is very clean.

8. scrubbing acrylic products, first coated with chalk dust water or gypsum powder water, dry and then wipe with a dry cloth, both easy to wipe away dirt, but also easy to polish.

9. first with a wet cloth to wipe away the dust, and then rub the waste newspaper into a ball in the acrylic display wipe, the newspaper ink can quickly wipe the acrylic display clean;.

10. acrylic display rack on a large area of oil, first with waste gasoline scrubbing, then laundry detergent or decontamination powder scrubbing, and then rinse with water can be;.

11. washbasin filled with some water, pour a little shampoo stirred mixed, use it to rub the acrylic display, will look extra clean and bright;.

12. winter acrylic products surface is easy to frost, you can use a cloth dipped in thick salt water or white wine to wipe, the effect is very good;.

13. acrylic display surface scale, wipe with a cloth or back to the silk enzyme toothpaste, can be wiped clean and bright.

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