How to make a good acrylic display stand?

How to make an exquisite acrylic display stand?
Acrylic is widely used in life, and all kinds of acrylic products are dazzling. So how do we make a good acrylic display stand? What problems will be encountered in the production of acrylic, and how should we solve them?The following content only represents the views of Yuefeng.

1.The choice of acrylic sheet

As an emerging material, acrylic is used in all walks of life. Nowadays, the quality of various acrylic products on the market is endless. It is not easy to choose a high-quality acrylic sheet.

First of all, acrylic panels are divided into Acrylic extrusion board and Acrylic Casting board.

At present, as far as China's acrylic market is concerned, there are mainly two types of acrylic sheets: one is a new type of acrylic sheet, which is the extrusion board that manufacturers often call. Another is to recycle the leftover material of the Casting board, and then produce it, which is what we often call the extruded board. We can easily distinguish the difference between the two, because the extruded board is what we call domestic board, it is processed (after thermal degradation), PMMA monomer (methyl methacrylate) regeneration Yes, it is produced by chemical polymerization.

In fact, the difference between the Acrylic extrusion board and the Acrylic Casting board can still be seen. For example, the purity of the extruded board itself is not high, so its light transmittance is far behind the light transmittance of the Casting board; The pressure plate is recycled, and the edges of its entire plate will be yellowed; the quality of the extruded plate is also much worse than that of the cast plate; the most important point is that the service life of the cast plate is longer than that of the extruded plate. If the product of the cast plate is properly maintained while being used, its life span is generally 3-5 years. However, if the pressing plate is used for a little longer, it will show it. Some disadvantages of it.

At the same time, the quality of the acrylic sheet is also an important factor in determining the quality of the display rack.

Therefore, Yuefeng provides you with several ways to distinguish the quality of acrylic:

(1)Observation method

  1. Generally, the high gloss and transparency of acrylic can be seen from the surface. If you feel that the acrylic is faded or the gloss is not high, it means that the quality of the acrylic material itself is not good;

  2. (2)Touch method

Anyone who is familiar with acrylic knows that good quality acrylic has a bright surface color and a feeling of condensing on the touch. If there is a lime on the surface, there will be some small pores when you look closely. Such materials are not recommended Selected

(3) Light transmission method

The principle of light transmission method is that the light transmittance of acrylic is extremely high, and the light after transmission is positive refraction, which is an identification method derived from light absorption. Acrylic products can generally emit positive light through light. If the white light is yellow or blue, it means there is a problem.

(4)Pasting method

The principle is to use good acrylic sheets and sub-acrylic sheets to distinguish between different degrees of adhesion, low-quality acrylic sheets are difficult to separate after bonding, and good-quality acrylic sheets are easy to separate .

In fact, there are many ways to distinguish the material of acrylic products, this is just a part of them, and it can also be used in the identification.

2. Processing technology

Acrylic has high plasticity and can be made into various display stands, handicrafts, etc. through mechanical processing. Mechanical processing is also a common process method for processing acrylic display stands. And the same kind of processing method, the use of different machines, different people to operate, the quality of the acrylic display stand will also be different.

Regarding mechanical processing, there are specific mechanical operations as follows:

(1) Cutting

There are many kinds of acrylic cutting, saw blade cutting, laser, CNC, laser can be used to process acrylic sheets of different shapes, CNC engraving is generally used for acrylic products with high precision. In this step, a problem that is easy to cause is that the acrylic edge bursts, the edges of the acrylic block made are not neat, and it is easy to cut hands.


Some acrylic display racks need small round holes, so they need to be punched; in this step, a very easy problem is that the acrylic plate bursts, which will cause the entire acrylic plate to be scrapped.


The edges of some acrylic products need to be beveled or rounded, which can be done with a trimming machine.

(4)Hot bending

Acrylic can be bent into various shapes after being heated to a certain temperature. It can be heated by a hot bending machine. It is divided into local heating and overall heating. The hot bending process is a process that tests the skills of the workers, and it requires the workers to have sufficient experience to operate it. Whether it is the control of the temperature of the machine or the temperature required for the deformation of the acrylic, it is the experience obtained through repeated attempts.

(5)Grinding and polishing

After cutting and trimming, the edge of acrylic will generally have knife marks, which can be processed by grinding or polishing. The polishing is generally distributed by wheel polishing or fire polishing, which is also processed according to the needs of acrylic display stands. of. Usually after polishing, the sides of acrylic will be very smooth.

(6)Glue acrylic plate

The processed acrylic parts are glued together with special glue. This step also requires the workers to have enough experience, otherwise the bonded parts will easily form bubbles, which will have a great impact on the appearance. Therefore, our quality requirements are no overflow of glue, no bubbles, and firm and stable acrylic parts.

Finally, the components are assembled together to form a complete and exquisite acrylic display stand.

If there is something wrong, please point it out.

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